The Treasury Cloud

Kyriba's Treasury Cloud is encrypted, secure, and is always available globally to ensure that your team can focus on treasury.

Why is Kyriba’s Treasury Cloud different?

Kyriba is actually in the cloud

Kyriba makes the cloud worry free for your team and ensures your treasury system meets internal security policies

Kyriba offers a fully virtualized, multi-tenant SaaS solution. Our solution is built upon one technology and uses a single code base across the entire cloud platform. These are critical points that uniquely define Kyriba, as many providers falsely claim they offer a SaaS solution in the cloud. Distinguishing what is and isn't actually in the cloud is critical to ensuring your expectations of scalability, business continuity, and security are met. 

Predictable Cost

With software-as-a-service (SaaS), clients pay a simple, fixed subscription fee based on what modules are used. No buying servers, expensive software licenses or ongoing maintenance plans. There are no term licenses or consulting costs for upgrades and reconfigurations. The costs are known and predictable for as long as you use Kyriba.

Automatic updates

The Treasury Cloud eliminates the need to update your treasury software. Kyriba manages the entire upgrade process for you multiple times per year - we do everything for you so you do not have to ever worry about IT resources, software conflicts, or how to upgrade to the next version. New versions are immediately available to all clients so that you get new features without delay or cost.

Better support

With all clients using the same version of Kyriba, support and troubleshooting are a breeze. Gone are the days of needing to check what version and operating system are being used in order to troubleshoot the issue. In fact, much of the time, any issue that arises will be proactively identified and resolved system-wide.

Business Continuity

Kyriba provides the best disaster recovery solution because Kyriba is always running, with full redundancy for the entire solution. For other treasury providers, disaster recovery may only mean backing up the database. Kyriba ensures the entire solution is replicated and available - data, reports, bank connections, ERP interfaces, security protocols, login procedures, and even the same website - allowing Kyriba to commit to the industry best uptime and RTO/RPO metrics.


Kyriba invests in the highest levels of physical and data security. We offer complete application and data security, so your workflows are encrypted and secure, delivering an effective barrier to fraud and cybercrime. Our teams work individually with you to ensure that your login procedures, authentication protocols, and treasury workflows align exactly with your organization's information security policies.

Kyriba delivers SOC1 and SOC2 Type II reporting. SOC1 isn’t good enough and neither are Type I reports. Your CIO and Information Security teams will validate that SOC2 Type II audit reports must be relied upon to ensure your treasury technology meets your internal information security requirements.