Return on Investment

Automating manual processes can generate a wide range of efficiencies within the treasury organization. However, for Kyriba’s clients, cost savings are the beginning of the journey, not the end.

Kyriba’s ROI and value is more than just the automation of manual tasks

The value achieved through use of Kyriba can be measured using several metrics:

Improved cash visibility

Perfecting cash visibility delivers a better picture of available cash, eliminating under invested and idle cash. The ROI of cash visibility is driven by increased cash returns, reduced interest expense, and optimized FX hedging. Most organizations unlock several million dollars of underutilized cash, delivering healthy six figure (or more) value.

Reduced IT investment

Subscription pricing means no upfront license fees, offering a certain cost that aligns to the timing of benefits being realized. Kyriba’s cloud model also reduces any IT costs to support treasury and treasury systems, making ROI simple to calculate. IT costs can be extensive when factoring in upgrades, disaster recovery, and system integration. Kyriba manages all these areas.

Lower bank fees

Kyriba can eliminate costly bank statement access and storage fees, while bank fee analysis enables streamlining of bank services to minimize unnecessary bank costs. Most clients save at least 10-20% of bank fees; many others go much further.

Improved hedge effectiveness

Improved cash visibility will increase certainty in FX exposures, allowing treasury to increase hedging coverage to protect the value of cash flows and the value of balance sheet accounts. Measuring ROI is as simple as comparing before hedging vs. after to see the value gained through better hedging.

These are just a few examples of how to measure the strong ROI delivered by investment in Kyriba's cloud solution. For more details and examples, talk to us and we can help develop your business case.