Reducing Risk

Kyriba offers a risk management toolkit for CFOs and Treasurers, and provides essential support for enterprise risk programs

A treasury management system is a risk management toolkit for corporate CFOs and Treasurers

Kyriba offers a variety of risk management solutions, from full support for your hedging programs and hedge accounting compliance, to operational risk, regulatory management, liquidity risk, and even helping eliminate technology risk through the cloud. Whether your risks are due to reliance on spreadsheets or protecting top line revenue growth from FX and interest rate movements, Kyriba can help mitigate risk management for your treasury team. 

Liquidity risk

Kyriba provides certainty in cash balances and forecast flows globally, so that liquidity is always known with no surprises. From bank connectivity to forecasting to pooling and intercompany, Kyriba provides the solution for simple to highly complex treasury structures.

Financial risk

Kyriba manages financial exposures and fully supports hedging programs, including hedge accounting compliance, so organizations can hedge exposures effectively and better protect against FX and Interest Rate volatility.

Operational risk

Kyriba operates securely in the cloud, offering high level SLAs and business continuity for treasury. Kyriba also enables financial controls to reduce the propensity for fraud and cybercrime. Treasurers relying on spreadsheets take on significant operational risk which can be easily solved with standardized workflows and automated procedures.

Regulatory risk

Treasury faces many regulatory reporting requirements, which can be more easily managed through the use of Kyriba. Key examples include FAS133, IFRS 7/9/13, FBAR, and EMIR. For more information, please read here.

Technology risk

With Kyriba, the workflows, calculations, dashboards, bank formats, and the secure cloud infrastructure are pre-built for our treasury customers. There is no customization required. Further, Kyriba is constantly updating the technology as well as building new features so that your treasury system never becomes obsolete.