Cash Visibility

Treasurers need visibility into cash, liquidity and financial exposures to make effective decisions.

Cash visibility drives every key decision for a Treasurer and CFO. Yet perfect visibility is difficult to achieve without the right tools.

At Kyriba, we perfect visibility by:

  1. Reducing the cost and complexity of bank connectivity. We manage the entire connectivity process for every client, no matter if SWIFT, host-to-host, or regional networks are required to communicate
  2. Enabling accurate cash forecasts by creating a feedback loop to forecast sources supported by the most detailed and flexible forecast variance analysis of any treasury system

The value of cash visibility is in the decisions it enables, not the automation and time savings achieved along the way.

Treasurers with perfect visibility are enabled to make confident decisions about where to deploy cash, what risks need to be managed, and how to optimize the return on cash to create value for shareholders. Having confidence in your cash picture enables CFOs and treasurers to:

  • More effective hedging programs
  • Deploy cash globally to where it is needed most
  • Increase investment returns
  • Reduce borrowing costs
  • Unlock cash through improved working capital programs

Kyriba uniquely delivers global visibility into cash, liquidity, and risk exposures so that CFOs and Treasurers no longer have to worry about how to get information and can instead focus on analyzing how to make more effective financial decisions.