Gain Visibility and Control Over Your Global Payments

Kyriba empowers organizations to manage their global payment processing securely and efficiently. Automated workflows make it simple to initiate, approve and release payments that meet internal controls and regulatory requirements. Kyriba supports a wide range of payment types, including wires, ACH, virtual card, cross-border payments, B2P and more, as well as offering ERP-to-bank connectivity.


Stop Payments Fraud in Real-Time

Kyriba delivers industry first capabilities for detecting and preventing payments fraud before it ever occurs. Kyriba uses scenario based, real-time detection of suspicious payment activity that goes beyond standard payment controls such as separation of duties and approval limits. Kyriba’s Payments Fraud Detection solution includes customized scoring, centralized alerts, resolution management, and a drilldown KPI dashboard.

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Reduce Risk Through Industry Best Financial Controls

Fraud and cybercrime are on the rise. Kyriba helps CFOs and treasurers strengthen financial controls, including robust application security features, sanctions list screening, digital signatures and industry-first capabilities for real-time payments fraud detection.

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“It was simply unsustainable to continue logging into each individual e-banking platforms in order to approve payments. Kyriba offers us a single, consolidated point of access across all our bank accounts, (giving us) the ability to set up payments, define different payment types, and to receive notification of pending approvals.”

Use the Best Routing Option

Kyriba supports multiple connectivity channels, from SWIFTNet and host-to-host connections to regional protocols like EBICS, Editran and Zengin. Blind routing means that payment files can be pre-approved and pre-formatted from the ERP before being sent directly via the appropriate channel. Kyriba can also use intelligent routing to choose the best connectivity channel – meaning that clients can achieve the greatest possible automation at the lowest possible cost.

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Take Advantage of Robust Security and Controls

It’s essential to minimize the risk of fraud while complying with regulatory requirements – and this means having a secure, reliable and consistent payment process. Kyriba connects directly to the bank, providing more security and better control than can be achieved using spreadsheets and bank portals. Providing SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance, Kyriba also offers numerous robust security and control features, including audit trails, encryption and redundant disaster recovery.


Format Transformation

Bank formats are one of the most challenging responsibilities for finance teams. There are tens of thousands of variations of even so called global formats (e.g. XML ISO20022), making transformation of payments into the required format for each bank payment scenario a critical need. For payments not already preformatted by the ERP, the payments hub will reformat payments based on:

  • Bank channel — SWIFT, API, Host-to-Host or other connection method
  • Payment type — Wire, ACH, SEPA, real-time payments
  • Receiving location — Banks require different formats for wires to different countries — for example, wires to Egypt vs. wires to Romania

A format transformation service is fully automated so that no additional user intervention is required.

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Payments Modules

Kyriba delivers a comprehensive array of payment capabilities, from treasury payments to more sophisticated corporate payment hubs. Learn more about our real-time payments fraud functionality.

  • Payments
  • SEPA Mandates
  • Payment Factory
  • Draft Payables/Receivables
  • Supplier Portal
  • Direct Debit
  • Digital Signatures
  • Early Payments
  • Payment Screening (OFAC, Sanction List)