Kyriba Solution Overview

Kyriba Business Intelligence: Turning Data Into Action

Kyriba Business Intelligence is a new solution that goes beyond traditional management reporting by offering data visualization and interactive dashboarding to transform financial data into actionable information.

While standard reporting is suitable for routine, activity based metrics, Kyriba Business Intelligence is designed for performance-based metrics and KPIs. For example, users can get instant insight into strategic questions such as “What risks are my cash flows exposed to?”, “Has our bank rationalization project met our bank fee reduction metric?” or “Are my global cash forecasts reliable?”

Kyriba Business Intelligence is fully integrated within Kyriba’s cloud platform, enabling executives to make faster, more effective global business decisions.

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Complete Risk Management

CFOs can now manage risk and compliance in a single cloud platform.

Kyriba gives CFOs control over currency risk, enabling visibility into FX exposures, explaining the meaning of currency impacts, and offering solutions to protect earnings and assets from currency volatility.

With Kyriba, CFOs and Treasurers have a single platform to measure and manage financial, liquidity, and operational risk, delivering the insight and intelligence to make better risk decisions and protect business value.

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