Proactive Treasury Management

Proactive Treasury Management provides treasury teams with the platform and insight to deliver real corporate value

The deep financial crisis of 2007-2010 created a huge amount of sensitivity toward liquidity and visibility into cash. For many companies, reduced sales and frozen credit lines made it necessary to check balances several times a day, to ensure there was enough liquidity to maintain operations. At the other end of the spectrum, for those companies that were strong enough to ride out the storm relatively unscathed, balances swelled enormously, as companies began hoarding cash at a record rate.


“Previously, our first 10 business days were dedicated to month-end closing. Now, our cash manager can complete this work in one business day.”
- Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

In order for organizations to thrive in this climate, treasury teams need the robust tools, accurate data and detailed analysis to make confident and actionable decisions.  Proactive Treasury Management is a new approach to treasury, delivered exclusively by Kyriba. It gives organizations the power to anticipate, plan and initiate change rather than react to events; optimize and protect cash – the lifeblood of the organization; and deliver strategic execution of their growth plans.


Cover Image "Ebook: Kyriba: Your Trusted Global Partner for Treasury Management Solutions"


  Ebook 'Kyriba: Your Trusted Global Partner for Treasury Management Solutions'

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Taking Treasury from Reactive to Proactive


  Ebook 'Taking Treasury from Reactive to Proactive'

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