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Treasurers in the financial services industry need real-time insight into global cash and liquidity to make smarter decisions.

Many financial services organizations are challenged by insufficient global cash visibility, decentralized payment processes, and excessive bank fees thanks to the diverse number of banking relationships across their investment portfolios. Kyriba empowers these firms to gain unprecedented insight and control over their global cash and liquidity, including:

100% Cash Visibility
Kyriba delivers timely and accurate insight into global cash across funds, helping improve investment returns, reduce borrowing and optimize cash deployments.

Automated Payments
Kyriba centralizes payment controls, aligning payment policies with a digitized multi-channel payment workflow to ensure security and efficiency.

Reducing Banking Costs
Kyriba perfects visibility and control of bank accounts to identify opportunities for bank account rationalization. Bank fee analysis capabilities help support cost reduction.


Over 2,000 Organizations Globally Trust Kyriba

“Kyriba is empowering my digital transformation at work particularly because we are now real-time. We were never able to do that before.”
Senior Director, Corporate Finance & Accounting at AEG

Average Quantitative Results

Hours saved per month using Kyriba
Average of total 5 year savings
Average of payback months
Source: Data compiled from surveying more than 200 companies as part of Kyriba's value engineering process.

Streamlining Treasury and Banking Processes

Before getting Kyriba, a medium enterprise financial services firm struggled with inefficient manual processes related to cash forecasting. They also lacked the real-time data they need for executive decision support. With Kyriba, the company has been able to boost staff productivity by 50-75 percent, while increasing time spent on strategic initiatives by 25-49 percent.

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“Strong partnership with clients; willing to work to understand needs and accomodate where possible.”
Insurance Company, 10,000+ employees
Source: TrustRadius