Client Education: Getting a Kyriba Education

Kyriba offers an integrated approach to client education through client certification training programs, spot consulting based on specific requirements, and ongoing training webinars.

Client Certification Program

Kyriba provides clients with expert training that empowers them to optimize their use of the Kyriba platform so they can drive results faster and more efficiently. Kyriba’s new client training certification program is available in person and on demand beginning of 2019. Kyriba users will develop the skills needed to efficiently administer, enhance and expand their Kyriba deployment, leveraging the latest best practice methodologies. Learn more >>

Spot Consulting

As the treasury landscape broadens, Kyriba clients often look to expand their use of the Kyriba application. Spot consulting engagements are often needed when new users join the organization, new banks are on-boarded for reporting and payments, or when new application features or modules are released. To assist, Kyriba’s professional services team offers spot consulting services that can be tailored to a client’s needs. To learn more, email

Ongoing Kyriba Education

  • Kyriba Social: Kyriba Social is a dynamic online resource that combines a knowledge base with a peer-to-peer interactive social forum, ideas portal and online support channel. Kyriba Social gives clients a unique knowledge base where they can find helpful product information whenever they need it. Kyriba encourages its client community to utilize this platform to get the latest educational materials and webinar recordings. To set up a Kyriba Social user profile, please log a ticket by emailing
  • Tips & Tricks Webinars: Reserve your seat for one of Kyriba’s upcoming webinars and be sure to visit the news section of Kyriba Social to access these quick 20-minute webinar recordings designed to help clients get more out of Kyriba.  Learn more >>