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Tom Gavaghan, Manager, North American Presales

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Over the last nine years, Tom has worked globally with banks, brokerages, trading firms and corporations in the treasury and risk management space. He's held roles across the financial technology development value chain, from software implementation to product and presales management. Tom is currently the Manager of the North American Presales team.

Challenges of Centralizing FX Operations for Global Corporates

Centralized Treasury Dashboard

The ability to enter into new markets geographically can help drive top line revenue growth, or offer cost-cutting advantages in production and output. Companies expand internationally in one of two ways: organically or through M&A activity. International growth carries with it a number of added risks, the most prominent being currency. With the constant volatility in markets and geopolitical uncertainties in every geographic region (Trump, Brexit, North Korea, Venezuela riots), companies are struggling to centralize this risk. 

Tom Gavaghan
June 13, 2017

What Will You Do with Your Tax Holiday?

potential for a one-time US repatriation tax relief

Following the tumultuous U.S. election season in 2016, and to kick-off 2017, corporate accounting, tax and treasury teams have been busy planning ahead for the incoming administration led by Republican President Donald Trump, and the inevitable changes it will bring. 

Tom Gavaghan
January 27, 2017

Managing risk with effective treasury policies and technology

Global treasury policies - image of connected continents

How do effective treasury policies protect organizations? Kyriba and Actualize Consulting teamed up to explore key factors that impact the success of an organization in Leveraging Technology to Support your Treasury Policies, an educational webinar designed to provide a deeper understanding of treasury policy best practices. Jamie Christel, Treasury Advisor at Kyriba, and Martha Grant, Senior Consultant at Actualize, discussed a range of opportunities for treasury to improve its outcomes and processes with technology enabled policies. 

Tom Gavaghan
October 5, 2016

Four key takeaways: currency and risk management

We were excited to team-up with Global Treasury Partners on our second Treasury Best Practices Webinar Series featuring Currency and Risk Management. For those treasury and finance professionals who weren’t able to attend the webinar, here is a recap of the four key takeaways.

Tom Gavaghan
March 18, 2016

Retooling treasury for the impending interest rate hikes

Federal Reserve building
The Fed's interest rates will likely start creeping up in the near future - for the first time in some treasury professionals' careers. How can treasury teams best adjust to the new normal of rising rates?
Tom Gavaghan
November 23, 2015