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R.B. Erickson, Director of Global Sales Enablement

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R.B. has more than 10 years of experience in the treasury technology and financial services industries. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Boise State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Northwest Nazarene University. Prior to joining Kyriba, R.B. was a VP of Sales with GTreasury and Regional Sales Manager for Clearwater Analytics, where he worked with treasury departments to enhance investment analytics and transparency in their liquidity management.

Bank Connectivity, what you don’t know can hurt

Bank Connectivity, what you don’t know can hurt

The selection process of a Treasury Management Solution (TMS) is a multi-layered process. One of the most important, and where many decisions are made, is the product demonstration. The product demo is a snapshot into what the TMS offers.  It is human nature to focus solely on the functionality reviewed during the demonstrations.  Ensuring that the functionality meets your business needs is critical.  However, there is more to the decision than the demonstration alone.

RB Erickson
May 16, 2016

Why does Excel Slip Through the Security Cracks?

Financial software vendors are (rightly) subjected to a thorough review of their IT security processes and audits, disaster recovery and encryption protocols before being selected and implemented. So, why are so many companies happy to entrust their critical treasury data to spreadsheets?
RB Erickson
November 10, 2015