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Dory Malouf, Treasury Operations Value Engineer

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Dory is a Treasury and Cash Management thought leader with a professionally recognized career. Dory’s accomplishments in optimizing Treasury best practices and enabling Treasury Transformation have been featured in Treasury and Risk Magazine as well as case studies by the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP). As Kyriba’s Lead Value Engineer, Dory collaborates directly with treasury teams to enable their own treasury transformation through adoption of treasury technology and innovative process improvements that deliver value to their organization.


4 Criteria for True Finance Transformation

4 Criteria for True Finance Transformation

Today’s CFOs and treasury executives are leading their organization through increasingly unpredictable economic headwinds. Against this volatile market environment, finance executives are required to make faster and more effective business decisions that protect the organization against loss, as well as enable growth opportunities. As a result, real-time solutions that empower finance leaders with superior visibility and intelligence into their cash and liquidity are becoming increasingly popular.

Dory Malouf
February 28, 2019

CFO Performance Tied to Digital Treasury Transformation

CFO digital treasury transformation

As the “chief growth officers” in an organization, CFOs play a crucial role in steering the enterprise toward profitable growth. Re-thinking the role of treasury in the midst of rapid growth is required to ensure success in the digital era. What separates winners from laggards is a treasury management system that equips treasury with the ability to take a more prominent role in driving both operational efficiency and execution effectiveness across business units.

Dory Malouf
September 4, 2018

3 Ways Treasurers Can Add Strategic Value After Deploying a TMS

New ideas in cloud finance technology

The overwhelming majority of treasury professionals are highly educated. Some have certified treasury professional certifications, others have master’s degrees, and some have a combination of both. However, without an enterprise-class treasury management system (TMS), most of their day is spent on manual, time consuming, non-strategic tasks (data mining, updating spreadsheets, bank portal entitlement management, bank account management, bank fee analysis, and payment processing, etc.).

Dory Malouf
January 23, 2018